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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds For Any Window or Door

Want to improve the décor of a Mountain View home? Need new blinds for office windows? Vertical window treatments can offer you a lot – book a free estimate and learn more.

Vertical Blinds

Affordable Vertical Blinds | Mountain View CA

Here you can learn about custom-designed vertical blinds we offer to the Mountain View area. These vertical window treatments work great as shading solutions for very large windows and for glass doors too. West Coast Motorized Shades Experts offers free estimates and fast turnaround time for vertical blinds. Learn more about their uses and the wide range of features and options you can get with your new vertical blinds.

Vertical Blinds For Windows And Doors

Vertical blinds slide left and right along tracks, and fold up against or inside the side of the window frame when fully opened. This means that they’re best placed over long, low apertures, like wall-length windows or patio doors. Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors are sturdier than curtains and stand up much better to the elements if you choose the right materials. The mechanical sliding motion along a windowsill has a pleasant, modernist aesthetic and a professional atmosphere. That’s why vertical blinds on office windows and in other workplaces are a common sight!

Choose Your Blinds Materials And Methods

When we say “custom” vertical blinds, we mean it! Semirigid collapsing panels, telescopic rigid ones, or sliding wall panels are all options if your door or window has the space for them. You also have the choice of wooden, vinyl, or aluminum blinds, as well as various composite options. Would you like some pristine white or cream-colored blinds, or would you rather see the wooden or metallic coloration? The sky’s the limit with regards to our color and decoration options. When it comes to getting the vertical blinds installation done itself, we can come in any weekday, to any Mountain View address, to set you up.

Motorized Vertical Blinds In Mountain View

They’re not just an idle convenience; believe it or not, motorized blinds and shades can end up saving you money in the long run! No one’s memory is perfect. Even when you do remember to adjust your window blinds you might not always be there to do it! The ability to control your vertical blinds by remote is just the beginning of what motorization has to offer. With the addition of a timer, you can have your blinds keep out the harsher sunlight and keep in the warmth at night every day without fail. Get one of our smart sunlight or heat sensors, and you can even have your blinds react to changing weather and seasonal conditions by themselves!

Mix And Match Window Blinds Features

A sheer covering over your vertical blinds lets in softer, more filtered light when you swivel the panels to let it in. By combining vertical blinds and curtains, you can get even more control over this same effect. Choose any combination of broken, filtered, or unobstructed sunlight for part or all of the room; with layered vertical window treatments, the environment is all yours to adjust. Window blinds for living room windows, offices, and lounges do especially well with extra fabric layers. You can let the light in without any glare off of computer monitors or your clients’ retinas!

Vertical Blinds Installation Anywhere In Mountain View

Get a free quote from West Coast Motorized Shades Experts representatives, and we’ll get back to you as soon as your blinds are ready to install. We handle blinds manufacturing, delivery, and installation all over the Mountain View area and nearby cities. Give us a call to set up a free estimate and see the range of choices you can opt for. From blackout vertical blinds to motorized variations and a whole lot more!


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