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Custom Blackout Blinds Near Old Mountain View

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Custom Blackout Blinds Near Old Mountain View


Old Mountain View


Pascal Montoya

Service Request:

Mr. Montoya knew that while there is a wide variety of styles for blackout blinds, there is also a wide variety of quality. He asked for a consult with our team to be assured of the highest quality of his selection.

Our Solution:

Our team well understood Mr. Montoya’s hesitancy in selecting blackout blinds – often, customers will have blackout blinds installed, only to later be displeased with the amount of light their so-called blackout blinds allow into a room. Often, the lower-quality blinds don’t provide the level of blackout necessary for work or recreation. Thankfully, our team was able to find a set that delivered exactly what Mr. Montoya was wanting. They fit flush with the window and covered it completely, and the dark, heavy material acted as a fashionable, striking statement piece.

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